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Commotion in the Place Proviced for Worship

There is a passage in the Bible from the book of Isaiah speaking of commotion in the place of worship. Verses eleven through seventeen make for some interesting reading, especially in the Message Bible version. When I read that phrase ‘commotion in the place provided for worship,’ I could not help but think of our churches today. It seems like there is so much going on in today’s churches that I cannot just stop and worship God for a moment. Christianity is such a simple religion. You just believe and presto you are converted, and God writes your name in His book. Just like salvation, our worship experience should be simple and pure. “Meetings, meetings, meetings—I can’t stand one more!” says God.

 Just for once, I would like to walk into a church and be able to just worship God. If you have found such a place, do not let it go. Church is more than our formula today. Used to be, people came together in church to eat, fellowship, and distribute the offerings to the needy. What do we have today? We have foyers for shaking hands and getting information on the myriad of programs offered by the church. When moving from the foyer, we sit and wait for the band to start the service. Sing, clap, dance, and whatever other new thing your church is into nowadays comes next. Pastor then offers us insight into the Word of God. Take up an offering somewhere in there, and finally run out the door to get a table at the local hot spot.

 If you look at the first church, what we have now is in stark contrast. I mean, when do we get to distribute the offerings to the needy? When do we get to eat? Where is the true fellowship? I wrote an article titled “Forget about the church” awhile back; however, I never posted it because I still think the church is worth saving. I was in a rural church here in Kenya a few months ago and prophesied about the next move of God for the church. In short He said the church was going to evolve into something other than what it is now. When we (the church) finish evolving, we will not be able to recognize it anymore. There will be strange people, strange rituals, and true worship. I look forward to that day. Until then I have not given up. In fact, we are here in Kenya working towards that goal. I pray that you find true fellowship and a place to worship God in spirit and in truth.

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