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House Calls

We had our own little 'clinic' here at the house thanks to a friend of mine named Miriam. She brought HIV tests, de-wormer, anti-fungal cream, and malaria tests to the house so I wouldn't have to find a way to bring ALL of the girls to the office in town.

006We tested each of the children for HIV, though I must say, we told them it was a malaria test because we didn't want anyone to be offended, HIV has a stigma.

Makena loves showing her bravery, so she was the first one to get her finger poked for the HIV test.

Despite the fact that some of these girls lost their parents to AIDS, we are proud to announce that every one is healthy and all the tests came out negative.

Below is a picture of Grace getting her test done. It works just like a home pregnancy test only with blood instead 013of urine.

Thanks for making these things possible!

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