Our first orphan boy!!
School Fees


GeoffreyKate mentioned yesterday that we moved in our first orphaned boy to Christopher’s House. His name is Geoffrey, and he is Edith’s brother. Edith is the youngest  orphaned girl who lives with us in our home.

I cannot even begin to tell you how excited we are to have taken this step. Sometimes expanding the ministry seems to take so long, but when it finally happens I feel so, well it is hard to describe how I feel.

Actually, if I am honest I can explain one emotion, anxiety. Yes, I know the sin police out there will point out that anxiety is a sin. No matter how much I try to avoid it, I still feel anxious about opening a second home.

Christopher’s House adds so much more to my plate. More food needs to be bought (which we will build storage facilities soon to buy our food in bulk now. Then we will distribute it to the two homes and the families we are assisting in the community. Potentially can save us up to 30 percent on our food budget.) More school fees to be paid. This is perhaps the most worrisome. School is not free here in Kenya, and I know it will be one of the most important things in these orphans lives to help ensure they have hope in their futures. I will try and post tomorrow more about school. There will be more medical costs, more clothes, more toys, more well everything.

Our income is not steady. Sometimes we get what we need and sometimes we do not. In fact if it where not for miraculous intervention from God I am not sure how we would survive. Yet I am comforted because He has not let us down. We do not have an over abundance, but we do have what is needed.

Thank you Father for your love and attention to these orphans and other oppressed people here in Nakuru, Kenya.

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Johnny Brooks, if you would like to donate to our project; You can send a check made out to Kenya Fund to 713 West First Street Beaver Dam, KY 42320 or you can send a donation via www.paypal.com to back2kenya@yahoo.com Gifts are tax-deductible and 100 percent of the donation comes to the work here in Kenya.

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