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New Testaments

Yep, that is a box of Bibles. They were donated by a missionary who was crashing at our place for a few days, while he did some conflict resolution in the area. He gave one to each of the kids in the house, and even wrote their names inside the Bible. Very sweet.

The kids were happy to receive their very own Bibles. In fact Emma slept with her New Testament, and woke up looking for it a few times. I read her a few passages out of Revelation this morning when I awoke. The girls did not have Bibles, and had been asking for one.

I believe the Bible to be an integral part of our community. It is where we find our inspiration and most of our knowledge about our God. It is always a good thing to read a Bible, especially with an open mind.

Thanks Wayne.

johnny's head new 

Johnny Brooks, In case you were wondering; I will distribute the rest of those Bibles to people in the community who have asked us for one.

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