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Richard Maina

What did people use before toilet paper?

Ok, I know that this has nothing to do with a Future and a Hope.. well, it may…but anyway, I thought I’d just write about some things going on through my mind.

Anyone who knows me knows that I like to get back to the way things were before people meddled with them… before doctors told us how to have babies. (Believe it or not, there was such a time)… before huge companies removed all of the ‘good stuff’ from soap such as glycerin in order to market it in other products for bigger prophets, or removed the good stuff from our food by meddling with the genetics… the days before baby bottles and formula. How did the babies survive? I know, some didn’t you say, and yet… here we are!

I often times look at the things I use in my life and ask myself, “How did we humans   corn cobsfunction before there was such and such? What did people use? When did we decide that all babies need to start solids at 6 months before they even have a tooth to eat with? What did we use instead of toilet paper?” You know… those kinds of questions. Maybe I’m strange, but it’s how I think. When Andrew was born, I didn’t want to just follow what my mother did and her mother before her. I wanted to read, study ALL angles and make decisions for myself. I wanted my baby to teach me how to be the best mom I could be… (and that is a different article all together).

I like to imagine how life was before disposable products such as paper towels, tissue paper, plastic bags, disposable plates, containers, diapers, disposable feminine pads, plastic wear, etc… (I like plastic, mind you, every glass cup I had is no more, in this house of 20!)

I like to clear my mind of every one’s ideas and opinions as to what is best for me, for my kids…  I don’t just accept the norm. I like to see how things were done naturally, in their rhythm; I break things down and try to imagine how things were done before any one was TAUGHT how it should be done. There was a time, wasn’t there? Way back when?

Old wives’ tales, people’s opinions, advertisements, money, greed, egos, religion, and shockingly enough… EDUCATION. It all can get in the way at times. I’m not throwing it all out, I’m just sifting through and refining. Even our religious beliefs that we stand so strongly on and refuse to budge thinking that we are RIGHT and others are wrong, are influenced by our culture and what we are taught. (That might shock some people because usually we think our beliefs are actually BIBLE based, but are they?)

There is no conclusion to this article, really. I just seem to be different in my approach to all sorts of things. I’m willing to try something ‘new’ that often times is ancient…

Are you finding what is best for YOU in all you do?

All I’m asking is that you don’t just follow because it’s what SEEMS best or is what you are taught. Study. THINK. Then follow your heart.

working things out day by day, being ‘strange’ the natural way.

old school TP

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