Seasons Greetings or Is It Merry Christmas?

There is Hope

Yesterday I wrote about some of my frustrations with the holiday season, but to demonstrate that I am not 100% negative I figured I should post about what I like about this time of year.

I like completing the year. Finishing it up and preparing for the new year to come. I’m not sure why but coming to the end of something brings me great joy. For example just the other day I finished up this bottle of vitamins or supplements. Not that I enjoy taking them or even really believe they are useful to the body, but I do like finishing up the bottle. Gives me a sense of accomplishment. Same thing about December. It finishes the year. I did it. Survived another one. So many things in life are ongoing, perpetual even, at least till death. We need to cherish the end of the year. It’s a way to finish something without dying.

Coming from the U.S. my cultural idea of Christmas has nothing, or at least very little to do with Jesus, and more to do with food, gifts, decorations, Christmas Spirit, etc. In fact I grew up with a commercialized view of the holiday. It was always about gifts for me, despite the knowledge and even faith in the virgin birth of Jesus. This is what I saw reflected in my culture.

I do have hope in the future though. Especially as more and more people are abandoning this commercial view, or at least more people that I know are moving towards a shift in focus during this holiday time. As I mentioned yesterday I think it’s a perfect time to remember others who need help, are lonely, or unloved. This is a time to teach our children that it is better to give than to receive, a truth that is not true until practiced.

Of course I couldn’t write about what I enjoy during the holidays without mentioning food. I do like holiday foods and even enjoy preparing them and serving them. Especially here in Kenya, as so many people have never eaten what I would consider staple holiday foods. The reverse is true as well. I enjoy eating with Kenyans in their homes this time of year. Lots of chicken, chapati, beef stew, grilled goats, beans, and such.

O, almost forgot to mention the eggnog. With real raw eggs of course, and lots of rum.

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