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To Go Or Not To Go (Guest Post)

Another guest post. I love answering folks questions about Kenya and what we do here. You never know where it will lead. ~Johnny


Last summer my husband went on a trip to Kenya with a group from our church to do some welding at girl's rescue center.  He came back a changed man.  He loved the country, the work he was able to do, and the people he met.  Although he missed us (me and our two children) he could not wait until he could go back. 

We prayed about it and decided that we should all go as a family back to the rescue center and use whatever; welding, teaching, love to reach out to others.  The verse that came to us was Matthew 13:44  "The kingdom of heaven is like treasure hidden in a field.  When a man found it, he hid it again, and then in his joy went and sold all he had and bought that field."

We were ready to sell what we had and make the move. However, does it make sense to take little children (5 and 2) to a third world country?   What would our parent's say?  That's when I got on the internet and searched out missionaries in Kenya to see what and who I could find.  I was so excited to come across Pure Christianity.  A family that loves, that shows their love, and has very small children.  ( no I am not writing about how great they are, just writing my heart and what I was so happy to find!)  They said we could email with questions and so I did.  What about vaccines, sickness, all of that?  How do kids handle this type of transition?  I am thankful to Johnny for writing back and for their blog that has helped me to answer the many questions that people have shot at us.  We were very sure of the decision and so excited about our future. 

Then, my husband Clint went back again in October.  This time he came back sick with malaria and probably something else that has kept him sick for over a month now.  Fear has crept in.  Is this a spirit of fear or have we been given a warning?  Are we sure we are hearing God's will?  Is this really what God wants for us or is it our own desire?  But God will give us the desire of our hearts and He is who puts them there. Can we be like Jonathan when he went to attack the Philistines and say "Perhaps the Lord will act in our behalf" and go anyway whether we will get physically sick or not.  Can we have faith like that of Shadrach, Meshach and Abednego and know "that the God we serve is able to save us from it, and he will rescue us ... but even if he does not..." we will still go if that is our calling.  Can we be like the Brooks family and share love in practical ways to others in a far away land away from family and American comfort?

We have been thankful that the last couple of days have been better physically for my husband.  We are continuing to pray for God's healing and for his clear direction for our life. 

Our plan is to go to Kenya in April and stay for 2-3 months and then see where God will lead from there.  I appreciate Johnny's asking others to write and for this opportunity to share my heart with strangers, yet brothers and sisters in Christ.  Thank you Johnny and Kate for sharing your heart, your daily joys and struggles and for being an inspiration to a stay at home mom in Colorado.


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