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Bizarre Foods?

I’m guessing that most of you have heard of or even watched Bizarre Foods with Andrew Zimmern. (It’s a Travel Channel show as far as I know.) Anyway we just finished season one, and thought we would spend a few days talking about food. That’s right our very own Bizarre Foods? The question mark is there because I think you might be surprised to find that even the unusual can become usual.

So over the next few days expect posts about meal preparation, our frustration at the rising costs of food, local Kenyan cuisine, and our plans to produce at least some of our own food.

To start off we will visit one of the more bizarre, or at least bizarre to us, foods. Take a look at this video:




  Several tribes here in Kenya eat these termites. Periodically they leave the giant mounds they build and haphazardly fly around. They are gobbled down during that time, the termites are not all that good at flying and are pretty easy to catch. These insects provide much needed protein to people who have fairly protein low diets. In our house they are just away to shock the kids who don’t eat them.



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