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Missing Peanut Butter Chips…

Peanut Butter chips and even chocolate ones are not available in Kenya so when we get them in a care package, we rejoice!

In fact, we treasure them so much, we hide them in our pantry for a special occasion to warrant opening them.

Well, today was that day. We had some peanut butter chips in our pantry for a few months now. In fact, just yesterday, Andrew and I saw them on one of the higher shelves (to prevent any sneaky children from stealing them).

Today is Monday (it was when I wrote this, but I’m posting it on Tues!). It’s the day that we try to hang out with the paler kids while the more vibrant in skin tone ones get to go to school. Home schooling allows us to have 60_L_peanutbutter a 4 day school week. It’s awesome. Anyway, we like to do our grocery shopping, post office runs, and eat a lunch out together, but today, we stayed home.

Because we weren’t able to do our usual routine, we decided to spice up our simple lunch with some home made cookies. (Turns out we are out of flour, but let me carry on with the tale).

We sent Andrew to look for the peanut butter chips, and after a thorough search, he couldn’t find them!

Knowing we’ve had incidents of food knapping before, we searched the bunks. (One of our girls is a food hoarder, and she likes to hide bread, and all sorts of goodies under her mattress). After lifting mattress upon mattress, we still came up chipless. I(Though we did find a hidden stash of mangoes).

I decided to look in the pantry again. While digging in a box on the floor, I noticed that on the floor, back in the corner, under a shelf, THERE was the missing bag of peanut butter chips. I snatched it up with excitement to find it had a tiny hole chewed in it’s corner.

283 grams. That’s how many chips are supposed to be in the bag. OUR bag had only 264 grams. It’s about 1/4 cup less. Yes. I measured. I was curious to see if any were actually eaten. sneaky rat

So now, should I still use my savory morsels? I haven’t decided yet. I’d love to hear what you would do.










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