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How to Be a Missionary – Step Three

Calling, forget about it.

If the only reason you are coming to the field is because you are obligated by some high calling you received from God up in Heaven, then just go ahead and stay home. We don’t need you.

Instead we need missionaries who are in love with the people they are going to live amongst. We need people to help feed the hungry, because they actually feel bad that those folks are starving. Not because it will get them a gold star in the next life.

Religious obligation has no place in a missionary’s life. Love is enough, or rather should be.

Back when I was a kid and my parents made me mow the lawn, I didn’t appreciate it. In fact I pretty much resented the fact that I wasn’t able to watch t.v. instead. Not that I had a problem with manual labor, I just hated that I had no choice.

Thankfully the Christian life does not have to be like that. Allow the Father to create a heart of love in you, and you will do all kinds of great stuff for the world. Not because He ordered you to, but because you love the world as he does.

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