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I’m a Contrarian

Those of you who know me should have realized by now that I’m a contrarian at heart. I pretty much will disagree just for the sheer enjoyment of disagreeing. If you don’t know this about me or you are thinking to yourself, “but he’s so agreeable” there could be a few reasons why:

A) You simply haven’t gotten to know me well enough to realize I like to side with the minority.

B) I don’t want you to know me that well. So I just agree or keep silent to keep you happy and far away. Or you could be a family member, in which case I have to be agreeable because we are stuck with each other.

C) I don’t know you well enough and do not want to offend you with my unfriendly like nature.

I routinely drive Kate crazy with this quirk of mine, or at least she regularly yells and throws things at me. Why would I want to be like this? I don’t know, it’s who I am. I believe who God made me to be.

A contrarian spirit comes in handy in my life. Often I need to side with someone whom society has ganged up on. The children we love and care for were minorities in their communities. Ostracized for losing parents. Left to fend for themselves. I stand with them against their extended families and communities.

The folks we assist in the community are outcasts. Sickly, drunk, sinners, children, dirty, smelly, and mostly poor. This attitude helps me to stand by them when all others are against them.

Don’t get me wrong, I do take it too far at times. That could be why Kate is in my life. A well aimed pot can do wonders to on overly contrarian attitude.

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