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macadamia-nutsI just thought I’d let every one know that we are making some life changes at our home.

We all have decided to change what we eat to make us all healthier. I have to admit, I am a bread addict, and I love sugar… Some of our kids are getting cavities, and well, we need to make an about face so…

We aren’t eating flour, sugar, candy, potatoes, etc… for a while, maybe forever (except on birthdays). Personally, I’m already benefiting from the changes. We are committed for 21 days, but I hope they are life changes, and I’m thinking that with your help, they CAN be.

If you would like to help us in this endeavour, feel free to check out our updated care package list. We could use nuts of all kinds except peanuts. We still love pepperoni, and dried fruit might be a good ‘candy’ alternative. Oh, and dark chocolate, that’s good, too. :) 

Thanks for understanding.


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