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Can we all get along?

If I don’t believe in this or that, but you do, is it really so important it should divide us?

One of the things I can’t stand is bickering. I hate it.

Even among my kids, it’s a pet peeve of mine. Whatever the ‘issue’ is, I remove it.

This dividedness is one of the reasons I don’t get into political debates nor touchy theological conversations. Not because I’m afraid to, but because I hate the division it brings. I believe people have the right to believe whatever they want to, and I should not FORCE my beliefs through anger or manipulation onto someone else.

Inside every person is some good. We are all selfish, too. I probably am the worst. But can’t we just get along?

I have so much more I could say, but I’m in the middle of teaching school.

Until next time.


A very FULL month

2011-09-19September has been a fun month. It started off well with a fresh look from our local hair stylist. We each got drastic hair changes. The neat thing about the hair cuts is they are only $5 a head for the children (including the dye!)


IMG_0164In the middle of the month, we got to meet a really cool young man named Josh Ulrich. He’s been working on landscaping our yard. It’s amazing. I’m loving the new change. Also, Josh brought us a new Wii, a large dog crate for a project I have in mind, flip flops for the kids, and all kinds of other goodies. The kids love playing in the dog crate, and Butterfly even spent one night in there! (That’s she in the photo.) I woke up to her pretending she was a puppy. It was cute.


IMG_0225 September also had lots of care packages in it! We got yarn, knitting needles, Legos, candies, etc… The kids are so glad to be crocheting again, and I’ve even managed to make three really pretty hats!


our roosterOur chicken coup is finished being built, and now we have four hens and one rooster. No eggs yet, but lots of mating going on. Éowyn is infatuated with them, and loves to feed them. Husky, our dog, is jealous because they are eating the scraps he usually leaves on his plate.


IMG_0160-2Also, we had a ‘family reunion.’ Our four large Leopard Tortoises were at a neighbors house for a couple of years. They have returned now that we have enough grass for their grazing. The kids love hunting for them in the bushes and watching them munch on the grass. We are trying to corral them away from our garden, so we hope to build a picket fence around the front yard.


Another highlight: I received a stainless steel stick blender in the mail from Micah Mak, and I’m LOVING it!

IMG_0140School started in September as well. Our Van is broken so the girls are walking. We need about $400 to fix it. Home schooling has been fun, and I’ve been loving our new groove. We have 2 net books, and the kids have recorded podcasts, done research, watched educational videos, opened their own email accounts, and started  practice studies in Khan Academy.

The month has ended with a virus sweeping through the kids, and so we have quite a few sick ones…. however, they are going to be fine in a week or so.

ann beforeWe also had a very sad happening when Samwel, the newborn baby with HAnn passed away after this on Oct 2ydrocephalous, died. We also lost a very dear young lady named Ann (pictured Left and Right) just yesterday. She was born with AIDS. She loved spreading awareness about the disease through poetry, singing, and just talking. She was a ray of sunshine. She was only 18 when she passed yesterday. She made her mark on this world, and she will be greatly missed.

IMG_0229Despite the sadness, here at our home, October has started off with a bit of fun. We pulled off a big surprise birthday party for Grace 17, Sarah M. 14, Mary 12, and Teresa 12. They woke up to balloons, games, and birthday cake for breakfast yesterday! It was an exciting day!

Even though we’ve been in Kenya almost 7 years consecutively now, October marks our FOUR YEAR anniversary as mom and dad to orphans. It was 4 years ago that Edith and Grace moved into our home. Each girl came within weeks after that. It’s been a great adventure.

Let the adventure continue as we press towards our future with HOPE that it will bring even sweeter days ahead.