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Christmas Dinner

I cannot remember a Christmas without some kind of special dinner/lunch. That’s 38 years worth of celebrating the birth of Christ by eating turkey, pies, cakes, hams, yams, candy canes, and every other kind of holiday food imaginable (plus all the regular foods). It’s just built in that come Christmas Day we will eat something special.

Unfortunately that’s not true for most of the people we know here in Nakuru. Most of them have have had too few Christmas dinners, and have no hope for one this year.

Kenyan Christmas dinners are not elaborate. Really the only thing that must be present on the table (or stool as most Kenyans do not have dinning rooms) is a chapati. Chapati is a flat Indian bread, and before you ask I have no idea why they love it so much on special occasions.

Don’t get me wrong it’s good, but it’s Indian not African.

Anyway the point is that is how they celebrate, and we want to help some folks have chapati on Christmas.

We have about 100 people in our main H.I.V. support group, and want to give them the chance to cook a Christmas dinner for their families. Instead of us cooking and having a party with the group, they will take the ingredients home and make the dinner for their own families.

If you do some quick math in your head you soon come to realize that a hundred people (each representing a different family) equals a lot of people.

We need some help with this endeavor. A thousand dollars will help us feed them all chapati, more will help us buy other ingredients such as meat.

December is typically a slow month for us as far as donations are concerned, hence this here special plea.

If you would like to give you can do so via PayPal using or you can write a check out to Kenya Fund and mail to:

713 West First Street
Beaver Dam, KY 42320

Just remember to include a note that it’s for Christmas Dinner.

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