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What We Do

I thought we could start off the New Year with a simple post about what we do here in Kenya. So here’s a bullet list:

  • Care for orphaned/abandoned children.
    • Our philosophy is to replace what these children have lost, namely family.
    • We have 9 girls that live with us.
    • We have boys as well, that live a bit down the road with a Kenyan family.
    • We do not run an orphanage, but rather attempt to pour love and family into these children.
  • We work in the wider community with impoverished, sick, lonely, addicted, and otherwise oppressed people.
    • For those with H.I.V. we have created support groups, buy medications, buy food, assist in getting access to healthcare, and whatever else may come up.
    • We can’t fix all these people’s problems, but we can help someone over a bump in the road.
    • We feed as many people as possible with whatever we may have at the moment.
    • The need is never ending.
  • This year we will expand our work with girls and young women in the sex industry.
    • I’m not sure yet exactly what that means, but I feel that it’s important that we make a more concerted effort in their lives.
  • We also work towards encouraging other Christians to reach out and care for the least of these.
    • This is through one on one sessions, seminars, Sunday morning sermons, and whatever else we can think of.

That’s it in a nutshell. Looks easy and simple in this bullet list, yet each and every one of those points can have an infinite number of little bullet points attached to it. The children have school, relative problems, health issues, emotional troubles, and on and on and on and on and on…..

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