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The Money Post

If this is your first stop at our blog, rest assured we do not ask for donations in every posting, nor even in every other posting. It's more like once in a blue moon type of deal, though without the baby smurfs. 

Our life is sustained by the generosity of our donors. The little money we had was used up back in 2005. This means that in order for us to eat this weekend, we need donors. If we are to continue to care for the girls and boys that rely on us, we need donors. To reach out and feed, clothe, care for, and otherwise love the poor in our community, we need donors. 

Currently life has served up one of those perfect storm type situations for us. 

  • All our vehicles need repairs, insurance, and/or inspections. 
  • My driving license expired, and I need to acquire a Kenyan one.
  • We need money to cover paperwork related to registering the ministry here in Kenya. Which in turn is connected to me renewing my work permit. 
  • It's time to plow the farm. Right now I have about 4 acres that are available to plant. These acres belong to friends, but we have agreed to cooperate and share in the harvest.
  • School holiday is coming up, which means the girls and boys need to travel to visit relatives. Plus it would be nice for us and our children to get away for a day or two as well, visit a mall in Nairobi, go down a water slide, and eat good Italian food.
  • We had wanted to give our H.I.V. support group an opportunity to cook an Easter dinner for their families. 
  • Many people need medicines, food, school fees, clothes, uniforms, and everything else you can think of.
  • We need to pay rent.
  • We need to feed everyone, almost a 100 meals a day.

Gotta stop it with the bullet points before I overwhelm myself.

March has not been an easy month for us financially. I just paid our rent, yesterday.

Thank you to all those who have donated, your gifts have enabled us to continue to help bring a future and a hope to many people who otherwise have none. 

If you would like to donate here's how:

Checks can be made out to Kenya Fund and mailed to:

713 West First Street
Beaver Dam, KY 42320

100% of that donation is made available to us here in Kenya.

You can use PayPal, and send to or click the link on the side.

Western Union and MoneyGram are also available to us. Use my names Johnny Lee Brooks and send to Nakuru, Kenya. (Then email me the receipt number and answer to the secret question.)

Now that that is done, back to our regularly scheduled program. 

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