A day in the life of Kate…
It’s tragic

Turkey, turkey, GOOSE!

My neighbor has geese, turkeys, and chickens. I wrote her a note asking for some eggs to buy and put in the incubator with the hopes of growing our own.

She was out of eggs so I ended up buying 5 baby turkeys. While there, Emma and Eowyn fell in LOVE with the geese. The old ‘grandma’ of the house noted their affection and GAVE us a free goose!! She let us chase and pick whichever goose we wanted!

I think we caught the prettiest one of the bunch, and he/she is now a part of our fowl family! (PUN) <sadly, my nice Cannon digital camera broke this week, so I cannot add a photo here>.

I was so happy, I almost cried as I hugged her neck and blessed her for blessing me.

I hope these new birds adapt and do well together!


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