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A little about us

Johnny and I are humbled by the donations sent to support the work we do in Kenya. The needs are many.

Thank you for being willing to help these 'orphans-no-more' and other oppressed people we reach out to.

We try to live as efficiently as possible while still providing the best care and atmosphere for these children so they can thrive and have a hope for a bright future.

A little about us:

  • We are volunteers.
  • We have no salary and do what we do out of passion and deep desire to help the needy.
  • We are supported by individuals. Get to know us! (We are on FB) 
  • We have no housing allotment.
  • We do not go on vacations. Though, admittedly, once a year we try to go to the capital city Nairobi for an overnight to get things we can't find in Nakuru and eat some yummy food!
  • We hardly ever travel outside of our home town Nakuru. Like I said, once a year if we can.
  • We don't take expensive trips back to the states to do fundraising.
  • Our home is the same home the orphans-no-more live in so we only rent one building. (Though food expenses are higher because we make nutritional food for all of us.)
  • We don't have a lot of staff.
  • We make all our foods from scratch.
  • We try to grow some of our food, albeit not very successfully yet because we live on a small plot with rocky ground.
  • We don't own fancy cars: A no-powered steering manual 1985 Nissan Van. 
  • We walk to places when we can to save on petrol.
  • We are not a huge ministry wasting money on advertisements, flyers, etc...
  • 100% of donations go directly to A Future and a Hope. (OK, if you use paypal, they have a small fee, of course, but it's not much).

If you would like to know what we do, you can check out

Our biggest current needs:

  • Our children all need shoes, clothes, uniforms, PE suits, school shoes, underwear. We can buy them here, but donations help!
  • We need more monthly supporters. Perhaps you would like to hold a summer BBQ and spread the word about A Future and a Hope?

Donations can be sent through PayPal to or mailed to

Kenya Fund

713 West First Street

Beaver Dam, KY 42320



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