Cooking with Kate in Kenya


Years ago, Johnny and I had a dream to move to Africa to help those less fortunate than ourselves. In July of 2004, we started the process, and by January 2005, we took a brave step, and we did it.

Then after years of dreaming, in ‘07 we fulfilled a dream of opening a home for orphans. After traveling to the States and soliciting your help, we were able to do just that! Now we have two homes for orphans, well, orphans-no-more because they live with us as a family.

Even during those times, we dreamed of having our own land to build a home for them with a small partially sustainable farm, and even another home for another ‘family of orphans with house parents’ and so forth and so on. That dream hasn’t died, but after seven years of just dreaming, I feel it is weakened.

I know we’ve mentioned it before, and I’m not sure why I even dare mention it again except for the fact that this dream is still flourishing and spinning around in my heart. It is so real, I can already imagine and feel it, just like when I was dreaming of moving to Africa almost a decade ago….

I’m writing this because I know that the only way purchasing an acre or two of land can even be possible is if I solicit help from people. I’ve contemplated traveling back to the States to hold ‘fundraisers,’ but I CRINGE every time I even think of doing such things. The expense of traveling to the States alone makes my stomach churn. Why waste so much money when communication can all be done through today's technology? Plus, I hate fundraising. I much prefer doing what I’m good at—loving those in need. I really want to leave the fundraising to someone else, hence why I’m hoping someone reading this will jump onto the idea and do it for me.

Our situation is such that when money comes in, we use it. We spend everything. Every penny that gets donated, we use on the orphans-no-more, the community, and helping those in need. It’s just how it is. There is no extra when one’s ‘work’ is to help those in need because there are always needy folks. And we are talking about BASIC necessities. With that said, we can’t just ‘save up’ money to buy land. It’s impractical. However, IF some of you out there felt lead to help us raise money to purchase a piece of land, and you kept that money designated somewhere just for that purpose, it would make this dream possible.

I’m not sure how it can be done, honestly. I don’t even know where to begin to convince folks that by us owning a piece of earth and being able to plant, keep farm animals, build cottages on it for our little ‘families,’ and even houses for single moms and dying folks or folks who just need a safe place to live while they recover from AIDS, it would be more beneficial than renting where we are now. But I’m sure that it goes without being said.

So there ya have it. A sincere plea. I have no answers, no idea how it can be done. I do know that land is around $12,000 per acre outside of town in Nakuru, Kenya, which is a surprise to most folks, especially Texans. ;) But it would be a huge blessing and a start of a fulfilled dream for our families.

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