Cooking with Kate in Kenya.. Er..Johnny.

Wonderful World?

Kate's been going around singing snippets from What a Wonderful World the past few days. I'm not sure I can agree with her and Louis Armstrong, especially when I read things like this:

On a bed of sticks in one of the many straw huts in Yida, Younam, a 14-year-old boy, told the story of how his family fled bombings of their village. When his family and other refugees reached Jau, a town on the border with South Sudan, Bashir’s soldiers attacked. Hiding under a tree, Younam witnessed the rampage. “They cut the babies; then the young people,” the boy recalled. “Then they stoned my parents until they died.” Days later, Younam arrived at Yida—naked, hungry, and scared. “I’m worried there is no one who will ever be able to love me like my parents did,” he said, rubbing his eyes to hold back tears. From here.

Something is terribly wrong with our world.


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