Kate's take on Hope
Cooking with Kate in Kenya


Last night we cut up and packed SIXTY-EIGHT whole chickens. I had no idea how daunting a task it would be. It took Johnny and me from 6:15 pm until almost midnight to get it done and clean it up.

Pauline and Ben, our team peeps, took care of the chickens at their place. Pauline is passionate about how she handles and raises the chickens. I have never seen it done so well. They wanted broiler chickens so we bought 300 broiler chicks. In order to make space for that many chickens, Pauline had to kill the already grown 'Kenchick' chickens. So Pauline and Ben worked all day long slaughtering the chickens, removing the feathers and entrails, and then they brought them over to us...

We had to fit them in our freezer so we cut them up in to pieces and sorted... As we butchered, the water and blood pooled all over the kitchen floor. I think the floor of the kitchen had an inch of chicken juices all over it. It went up the sides of my shoes as I stood there cutting. The children stayed away for most of it, but as soon as their evening show was over, they trampled in all that mess making our cleanup job that much more difficult. The good news is our freezer is now full FULL. And Johnny and I are exhausted. I never knew how much engery it took to take 68 animals apart. Plus...

...We have a bug going round the house, which doesn't help our fatigue this morning. Both of us plus some of the children have headaches, stomach aches, and stuffiness... Here's hoping the air in the house clears soon so we can all get well.


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