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DSC05261This weekend I went to a Kenyan friend’s house and passed out ALL the menstrual cups I had. The women laughed, sang, asked questions, listened, learned, and begged to have cups to use instead of pads, tampons, rags, or even just cotton stuffed in one’s pants, or worse yet, cow dung and mud... (don’t ask how, because even I don’t know how they use it). Some women are so desperate, they dig in the trash, find used pads, attempt to wash them, and use them… exposing themselves to diseases.

It’s difficult to explain how wonderful it feels to have these women SO excited to have a safe, clean, reusable feminine hygiene product. I’m making a ripple… I only expected 10 or so women to show up, but the room filled up so quickly we had to move to a vacant house nearby! It was standing room only with even more women gathering outside pressing their faces against the window to hear. I’ve done many meetings, but this one was unique…

DSC05232After I finished speaking, the ladies asked questions, drank tea, and when I left the room, the air was still buzzing with excitement and conversation about the topic at hand. I could hear my name and the word ‘cervix’ pop up every now and then as they jabbered away in their mother tongue.

30+ women received cups this weekend, and that many more walked away a bit upset that I didn’t have enough for everyone present. However they left more aware of how their body works and a bit more environment conscious, as well.


I solicited ‘free cups’ from many cup companies. Few responded, and only ONE took up my cause in their hearts with sincerity and concern. Lunette. I’m honored to have the best menstrual cup company helping these women. However, they can’t give away all their cups forever. I’m grateful for all the cups they have donated, but at some point, I know they need to make some sales.

Check out this link- If folks buy a cup from Lunette between now and the end of June, we’ll get MORE cups for these women. I left 30 women begging for cups and the news will spread like wild fire. More women in need will come.


*Pictures from the top: Me passing out a Lunette cup. This lady responded, “I can’t wait for my period to start!”

Middle photo: I’m showing how the uterus sits above the horizontal vagina and how to tell where one’s cervix is.

Bottom: These women pressed me into the corner, pushing and shoving to get up close to be the first to get a cup. (I should never have mentioned I didn’t have enough. Live and learn). It was crazy.


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