Cooking with Kate in Kenya


Each child in our house has a 'job' to do. They are very simple jobs. For example, one person is responsible for washing dishes, another child removes the dishes from the table, and another rinses the dishes, etc... That's IT. ONE small part in the process. So the 17 year old who was responsible for locking the dogs up in their crate in the evening just didn't do it. She didn't have to wash dishes nor clean the house or any other duty. Just make sure the dogs are fed and locked up.

This morning, because she didn't do her part, she had a HUGE mess to clean up. You would think it logical that she would accept the consequences for her lack of action in the evening. Oh, no. She stomped around sulking and complaining and refusing to clean up the poo. "I didn't poop on the floor!" she screamed at me.

UGH. I hate butting heads with my Kenyan children. It's not the same as with my bio-ones. Let me tell you...

So I wouldn't let her eat breakfast nor go to school until it was cleaned up. She decided it would show her defiance if she kicked the poop all over the hall way. So I made her sit in the hall until it got cleaned.

The other girls were waiting on her and getting nervous about being late for school.

Let's just say it was a tough morning.

After giving her some rubber gloves, she finally managed to pick up most of it. However, she intentionally left a few bits for me.
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