Kate's take on Hope

Hope, Johnny's Perception

Kate and I have been writing as practice. We're flexing our muscles a bit. It is not writing we intended to share on the blog, but I'm feeling frisky this evening. What follows is raw emotion and thoughts(Kate will be sharing on hope as well):



I am not sure I have any hope. Life just does not offer me any reasons to feel hopeful.


What exactly do I mean by hope? I am thinking of that feeling where you are actually looking forward to tomorrow. That sense that the future will be better than today or yesterday. That is hope to me, or at least as exact as I can be at this moment.


I do not have much, if any of it.


Everywhere I look the outlook is dire. Just last week I read a Newsweek article predicting that within fifty or so years the oceans could be virtually void of fish. Not a pleasant prediction, and unfortunately not an unreasonable forecast. I can see no hope in politics saving us. Politicians are so obsessed with winning the next election that they are paralyzed when it comes to making tough decisions. Putting your hope in them is the equivalent of believing in Santa Clause.




Can I survive without any hope? Not for long. Without it there is really little reason to even try. Is there a way for me to find hope?


I am not sure that there is any hope in me finding hope in the future. What about Jesus? Sure I have hope in an eternity with Him, but it does not translate to the here and now very well.


Instead, perhaps I can find hope in today, in my moment right now, right here. I can imagine some hope in that situation.


This very moment is chock full of hope. In fact it is overflowing.


I may not be able to affect what is happening in the oceans, my vote is not going to create any change in the political system, the future is what it is, yet I can impact my here and now. This second is mine. I can chose to hope that it will be well. I can find hope that this moment will be alright.




I found you.


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