She doesn't know?

We have two kittens.

Makena asked, "Mom, how can I build a cat house for Patches and Toby?"

I replied, "Well, you'll need some carpet and wood."

"What's carpet?!" reacted Makena.


I just shake my head sometimes and laugh at the things I forget my children may not know about because they live in Kenya and have lived here all of their lives (some of them), and MOST of their lives the older ones. In that list of unknowns could be things such as dishwashers. My kids think that a dishwasher is a person or perhaps a robot with arms (Emma's thinking). They had no idea what corn dogs were, of which I immediately remedied by cooking some, and other appliances such as Air conditioning, clothes dryers, and traffic lights. All of these are things they aren't used to.




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