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Every now and then I become complacent and begin to forget that I'm living in a developing nation. A nation where insecurity is a big problem. A nation where being white makes you a brighter target for criminals.

We were out with friends, white folks from the U.S., eating lunch in a fairly nice Chinese restaurant. We enjoyed our sweet and sour, our shredded pork, and spring rolls. We had good conversations and reveled in the freedom of relationship. We barely noticed the table of three or four next to us. Apparently they noticed us, or rather took note of our friends.

At some point during our meal our friend's purse was stolen by someone at that table. Just like that. Unfortunately this sort of thing happens all to often, but when it is not happening at your table you tend to not think about it. Your vigilance in personal security becomes lax.

My diligence is now back, and with a vengenance. I'm sure I'll be getting on Kate's nerves soon enough with all my security precautions.



*Im aware that a purse theft is not all that horrendous of a crime, the bad stuff goes on too. Thankfully this reminder was not one on the more heinous crimes.


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