The beginning?
A brief intro to Kate

Random List

This is turning into Meet Johnny Week, hopefully Kate will get a chance to put up some posts about herself. Seventeen years of marriage has taught me at least one thing, that is that I cannot articulate what Kate is thinking nor speak for her. What I'm saying is don't expect me to attempt to describe who Kate is for you, we will just have to wait for her.

In the meantime how about a bit of random facts about me, Johnny Brooks:

  • I'm 38
  • I have only recently started to feel like an adult.
  • I love movies, and watch as many as possible whenever possible.
  • I am a passionate reader, and enjoy fantasy in particular. I loathe books on relationships and/gender roles. I am not that fond of Christian fiction, but have been surprised once or twice with gems.
  • I love my kids.
  • I'm relationally retarded.
  • Most of my emotions remain repressed all the time.
  • I like the color blue.
  • Rock and Roll.
Tomorrow perhaps I'll get more serious and talk about what I believe.
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