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As most of you know, Johnny and I have been land hunting for years. In fact, we hoped to have land before we ever even opened a Future and a Hope, but we didn’t allow the lack of land to stop us from helping orphans.

Instead, we just kept doing, going, taking in orphans, and helping the needy; however, we still feel that a piece of land would be of great value to what we do in many areas:

  • We could grow most of our food. (We spend 40% of donations on groceries)
  • We could raise livestock for meat and milk
  • Build cottages for more orphans and house parents
  • We wouldn’t be paying rent
  • Nor be at the mercy of a landlord
  • We’d be investing in the land
  • Providing a legacy for the children
    To name a few


We found 8 acres of land 30 minutes from here for the price of 2 acres. (1 acre goes for $15K USD on the edge of Nakuru, and $50K in TOWN.)
THIS land pictured below is 8 acres going for $30,000 USD. It has a brook on one side and is perfect for farming.

We are developing a campaign to raise money for the purchase of this land. In the mean time, we are looking for the owner to get all the details since we have only dealt with the agent.

As soon as we know it’s a go, we’ll launch our campaign and ask you to help us spread the word and raise money over a 30 day period.

We appreciate your support in this, since we can’t do it alone!

Land panorama

IMG_7778 IMG_7781

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