Cooking with Kate in Kenya
How to Make Egg Drop Soup - Cooking with Kate in Kenya

You're Hired

Our cook, who's been with us for almost five years, resigned. I don't think she could handle the work load nor our demands for honesty. Either way we now have a huge hole in our household which includes 14 children.

We actually could use the savings that having one less staff person brings. So, at least for the time being, I'm the new cook.

That's right. Johnny Brooks will be sweating over the stove for our huge family. I'm not sure how qualified I am. I mean I'm pretty good with main dishes. Take this evening for example. We will be dinning on a pork chop dish topped with mozzarella and tomatoes. Yet I have no clue as to what to serve with it. Plus I have to pick the children from school right at a crucial dinner prep time. We may have to rework our evening schedule and start having dinner an hour later than usual.

The more I think about it the less I like this idea of being the cook. Better stop before I hand in my resignation letter.

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