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What else is going on?

Ya know, this campaign thing is just not our norm. In fact, I’m almost tired of hearing myself say ‘campaign.’ (And all of you are shaking your heads in agreement, I understand). LOL.

I tend to be a very focused person. So thank you for riding through this with us the next 23 days.

In the mean time, SO much other stuff is going on that doesn’t pertain to the… <ahem>-- campaign.

  • In the house, we have a cold going around. It’s made our last days of home schooling a bit relaxed, and also interrupted, since there’s at least one child (orphan-no-more) home from school school sick this week. I get to cuddle on them, and comfort them, which is my pleasure.
  • All of our kids are finishing up exams this week, both in our boys’ home and here at our house as well.
  • We had a surprise happening… a Kenyan FB friend bought some Bata Shoes for some of the girls! He even came by from Nairobi to give them out. It was a wonderful thing!
  • Also, our Van is not starting, so we have been walking everywhere. It’s not a bother, really, since we live in the perfect climate for it. However, things just take longer and require more planning and effort.
  • The kids are happy, and a part from this mild cold, they are healthy and excited to be dreaming about our potential future. Some are drawing playground plans, house plans, and whatever other ‘plans’ they have in their sweet, innocent minds.

Ok, well, as I type, I see Emma riding past the window on her bike. I better go chase after her, get her off the bike, and back in my lap so she can continue her ready lessons…

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