Kids’ perspective….
What else is going on?

My passion

Ya know, I just want folks to know that, I KNOW how hard it is to scrape up money to help 'missionaries' some where. I know what sacrifice is. I understand if you can't help, and you won't be judged by me nor will I think any less of you if you can't donate. It is not normal for us to put pressure on people for money. We truly rely upon a greater being than ourselves. I appreciate all of my blog readers, FB friends, and family. I'm not trying to 'milk ya.' I'm just trying to accomplish a goal. I know it's not in my hands, but I also know that I must do my part. I must sacrifice my comfort for these kids. It's what I have to do. So follow your heart. Do what you CAN do. And I'm grateful for the encouragement and effort so many of you have shown towards these children. THEY are my passion. They are orphans-NO-MORE.


This was not intended to make you feel as if you have to do what I do. I’m just saying thank you. Thank you for the sweet notes, the emails, the donations, the encouragement, the prayers, the thoughts. You are the wind beneath my wings.

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