Pray for Lonnie
We did it!!

So Close

Amazing. We have almost reached our goal on the fundraising campaign to purchase farm land here in Kenya. Thank you to all who have given. This has been a group effort from the beginning. No one individual or organization can claim responsibility. Instead the acclaim is shared amongst many, thanks again. If you haven't contributed and would like to click on this link.

Just a reminder that the perks available are costing us nothing, well except postage. They have been donated to help us bring a future to children without one. (If you have no idea what I'm talking about click on the link above. )

Also while I'm grateful for the money coming in for the land campaign, I would like to remind everyone that we still need funds for everyday life. We need to pay the bills, school fees, feed hungry family's, we need about 9,000 dollars to buy a better vehicle, and as I'm sure you can imagine 20 growing kids eat a lot of food. You can find a link on the side bar that will take you to our donation page.

We are excited about buying the farm and building homes on it. It makes sense for the future, and will be a big blessing to so many folks.


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