So Close

We did it!!

For those who have been following us, you know we’ve been raising money to buy 8 acres of land. We needed $30K in 30 days. In case you missed the news, we reached our goal with time to spare. We are overjoyed!

However, the campaign is still going on… Some people are asking if we’ll get the money that comes in above our goal, and the answer is YES.

We will use the extra money to handle legal fees for the purchase, plant a living fence around the land, as well as a short barbed wire or cyclone fence to keep animals and herders out.

Donations can still be made through this link.

Here’s the remaining perks on our campaign:
Your name painted on a stone in our rock garden
2 video scrap books
1 quilt
1 painting
Tree planted in your honor

Please share the news. Our campaign ends Saturday evening!

Thank you ALL!

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