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Around, Around, Around We Go

Once again we have a problem with a school we use here in Nakuru, Kenya. Short backstory: we used an African Inland Church school for half our girls when we first started living with them. We had to take our girls out after a teacher became abusive and the school refused to do anything about it. We ended up enrolling our girls in a Prebseterian Church of East Africa school where things were progressing just fine till this year.

In the beginning of the year I attended a parent meeting at the school where the teachers attempted to convince us that the children needed to attend school on Saturday. To make a long meeting short; it all boiled down to the teachers wanting some extra cash. They charge an additional fee that is paid directly to them instead of through the school. I was the only parent to object, which was appaling. The teachers threatened to continue teaching the sylabus on the weekend, therefore if our children didn't go they would get behind. So they had no choice but to attend. 

Went smoothly till the children reported to us that many times the teachers didn't even come on Saturday, or at the very least came late and essentially only stayed long enough to collect the cash. The girls decided it was not worth giving up half their weekend to sit around for half a day at school. 

Not a problem till last week, when only one child turned up for Saturday school. Turns out that more students and parents realized that it was a waste of time and money. Naturally this upset the teachers, as their bottom line was being negatively impacted. 

The teachers decided to call parents to the school for a meeting about Saturday school, but only told parents about this meeting the evening before. Our children came home and said if we did not come to the meeting the next day they would be kicked out of school. Naturally we refused. Instead we called the headmaster and explained that it was too short of a notice for us to come to the school for a meeting. We also explained our feelings about Saturday school, again. 

Next day at school one of the male teachers slapped our oldest child in anger. He also threatened to refuse to teach them and to convince the other teachers to do the same, because they were not attending school on Saturday. When our girls wanted to leave school for home after this assualt they were refused permission. No one called us or informed us of this incident.

After the girls came home and told us about it I called the headmaster. Of course he acted surprised to hear about it, and agreed to meet with me the next day, today. So sometime today I'll go and talk with him and the teacher. Hopefully they will agree to my demands, which will be a written apology from the teacher to our child which will include a promise to never touch one of our kids again. If he refuses then I will have to go to the authorities and make an official report, and start looking for another school, again.

Teachers, when will they ever learn that when I say do not touch my children, I mean it.

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