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High School Gave Me Compassion

I graduated from Port Neches-Groves High School back in 1992. Not so long ago but not last week either. I did not particularly enjoy Highschool. Not that I have anything against the school I attended, it seemed to be o.k. Though it is the only high school I ever attended, so who knows? It could have been terrible and I just had nothing to compare it with. My wife who attended Nederland High School, a rival school, might claim her's was better. To me a school is a school. If you can learn there, then it is a good school.

I say all that to make the point that school has been over for me long enough for me to forget what it was like to sit in a class. I still learn, all the time. It's just that now my learning lacks structure and any kind of grading system.

This morning as I was driving the girls to school these thoughts were swirling around somewhere in my cranium. Not sure why, but perhaps it was a means of reminding me to have compassion on the children. They are still sitting in class. The Kenyan girls go to a local private school, from 7 am to 4 pm. A school without a single computer, no library, and English teachers who do not seem to have ever learned English. My school had all of those plus a planetarium! Compassion, that's what my high school experience gives me for these girls as they sit through hours of memorisation exercises which are all written out by hand.

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