Reciprocal Roof

Monday, Again

Bah. It is Monday again. Why? Why did we create a first day of the week? Life is just so much better without a start to the week. I suppose you can tell I did not want to get up this morning to drive the girls to school. All my lobbying to have school start later has fallen on deaf ears.

I am glad that the girls are in school. In fact it is a big help in their lives to be able to attend school. Currently the public school teachers here in Kenya are on strike, but our girls go to private school. Their teachers are not on strike. Good for the learning, but I am sure the girls would have appreciated the time off. Until they realized that all those days have to be made up that is. 

Four of them will be taking an exam this year that has a big impact on the next phase of their schooling. If they can score well enough then it is off to secondary school for them, if not then we look at vocational school options. Either way their lives will be changing dramatically after this year. A chance to spread their wings and do a little flying on their own.

I suppose I should get back to my regularly scheduled Monday morning. Sigh. Maybe I can slip back into the bed?

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