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I Saved Some Water

I did my part for water conservation yesterday. (If you follow Kate on Facebook then you are aware that we are experiencing a water shortage as we wait for the dry season to end.) I bathed using only a third of the water I would normally splash on myself. In fact I had enough left over to wash my underwear.

Honestly it was a bit of a shock, the left over water that is. All that water I've been wasting. (Though in my defense we do recycle the water from the shower.) It is the little things that we do which can make a big difference. 

When we first moved to Kenya and started experiencing issues with water supply it drove home our attitude towards water. We grew up twisting a faucet and water coming out, always. Even hot water. Now we have to be more proactive in procuring our water, and make sure we have enough to hydrate our fourteen children. 

Currently we are working towards expanding our storage capacity. New tanks will be purchased this week, and several other ideas are in the works. A recent visitor proposed digging a trench across the property to collect runoff water from the hill.(He does it on his farm with great success.) Actually seems like a pretty decent idea. I might try a shorter length first to test it out. Others have suggested a well, that is a big project that starts with a geological survey. Not there yet. There are more, and keep the suggestions coming folks. Before the next dry season we will be prepared, and able to grow food out of season.


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