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Goodbye Dry Season, I Hope

Water fell from the sky today. Commonly known as rain. Not too much, but enough to actually get the ground wet. Mud actually stuck to the bottom of my shoes, and we slipped in the car on the road. Good times.

One of the big lessons that living in Kenya has taught me is; to try and live life more in tune with nature's cycles. You know, the seasons. We do not have winter, summer, fall, and spring here in Kenya. Just the wet and dry seasons. The fact of if it's raining or not raining has just as big an impact on life as the four seasons I grew up with.

There is no washing of the car during the dry season.

Bathing is not a daily occurrence during the dry season. (Once every three or four days.)

Water has to be rationed. First drinking water, then cooking, then hand washing, teeth brushing, and so on.

Dust becomes a part of you during the dry season.

Just try running down to the village during the dry season on the motorcycle without any eye protection.

You remember all those times when you were a kid spraying ant hills with the hose, and wonder why your parents did not scold you for wasting water.

If it is yellow let it mellow.

This particular dry season felt drier to me. Maybe it is the change of scenery. Now that we are living on The Shire the lack of rain is more pronounced. We have to feed the animals more since most of the grazing is gone. There is no green grass left. The place is really brown. Trees are looking worse for the wear, and there are no flowers. Water is harder to find. Thankfully a neighbor down the road drilled a well this year, and so we plus our neighbors have been able to get water via 20 liter buckets carried on a donkey's back.

It has been hot.

When it rained today it felt fresh, almost like the first flowers of spring. Not that we have any flowers yet, but still the dust was washed away. It cooled down a bit.

Now let us hope that the weatherman is wrong, like he normally is, and this is really the beginning the rainy season.

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