What we've done so far



This Friday started off rocky for me, Johnny. Woke up, stretched and experienced a nice big charley horse. Ouch. I was surprised that all my groaning and writhing did not wake up Kate. I managed to hobble out to the outhouse only to discover a wet seat. Andrew and I removed the soil that was on top of the small building. Originally we thought to have a living roof, but the weight was constantly causing the outhouse to shift. Meaning we were always having to push it back so we could open and close the door properly. Plus the thought of it shifting too much and tipping, well not a pleasant thought during one's morning business. Upon removing the soil we unearthed a few cracks in the roof, which water now comes through. Another gold star for this Friday morning. Nothing like sitting on a wet wooden seat early in the morning.

Never fear things are turning around. I heated water and bathed. Being clean makes any day, even a not so great Friday, brighter. Next came headphones and music. Now I can start to think TGIF.

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