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Mashujaa Day

Space, A Little Goes a Long Way

Ahh. Space. 

Now that Andrew (our 17 year old son) has moved out to the earth bag house, which has been officially christened; The Barrows, I am using his old bedroom as an office. It is nice to be able to sit at the computer and type without five kids stopping to read over my shoulder every five minutes. Plus the shelf space allows me to spread out some of my things that have been packed away for more than a year.

I almost forgot how nice it is to have a little space to call my own.

Most days I live inside my head for the majority of my waking hours. It's not that I do not like Kate and the children, it's just who I am. I find it difficult to remain grounded for long periods of time. I think. Replay scenes from books or movies. Currently the inside of my head is buzzing with thoughts and theories on the God question. Religion has no part of my life, but faith is still quite important to me. Finding ways to commune with the Divine and understand it have been occupying portions of my brains processing power for awhile now. What this small office space allows me to do is organize those thoughts a bit. I have my journal, which I actually can sit down and write in now. Two books that are being written. Plus Kate and I have decided to co-write a book of stories from our time here in Kenya. 

The space allows me to work on these "thoughts" without feeling cramped or monitored. Plus I can actually answer emails, comments, Facebook interactions, and other computer related stuff more easily and quicker now.

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