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Let me help you understand our dynamic now. Firstly, we are celebrating NINE YEARS of orphan care in our personal home this month.

We took in one preschooler, and 8 preteen and teenage girls nine years ago (2007). None of them had a consistent education before moving in with us. With that said, most of our Kenyan daughters are grownups now, but they are still in our care because they are going to high school. We cater for all of their needs, but going to high school is a huge transition for Kenyans.

Let us talk about the oldest 4: Grace is 22 years old and in 11th grade. Sarah Apiyo is also 22 and in 11th grade. Mildred is 21 and in 11th grade, and Sarah Muthoni is 19 and in 11th grade. They all attend the local school near our home. In January of this year, I had just given birth to Starlette, so informing everyone of the changes was difficult because I was busy with a brand new baby... But three days after she was born, we started renting a house closer to the girls' school so that they could start learning to manage themselves as 'grownups.' They receive a monthly allowance, and we pay their rent, school fees, and medical stuff. In other words, we are still caring for them! We just don't see them as often. Instead of having to walk 45 minutes to our home from school, they only walk 3 minutes to their house. I hope to get some good video of it for you. It is quite adorable! I am so proud of them. So far, they have really managed themselves well!

Now Mercy is 20 and in boarding school because she received a full scholarship. Mary and Teresa are also grownups being 18, and have chosen to return to their biological families against our wishes.

Beatrice is 17 and also attending boarding school because she made high marks on her exams. We still have BT visit every holiday when she is out of school.

Lastly, Edith is 13 and living with us in our home. She is the one who has opened up so much in the last two years. She is in 7th grade and is just one of us. She is thriving and doing well.

So there you have the 'orphansnomore' update.

Taking orphans in as our own children is not easy nor is it finished. We are still raising them and guiding them and funding them. The dynamic has changed a bit, yes, but they still require us in their lives.

The financial demand is still there, but the time demand is a little less. We only have 7 children in the house now. So we are able to plan what our future holds as the girls begin to grow up and out. They still have some time under our wings, but in the meantime, we are doing new things.



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