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We have been hoping to start this project for quite some time. This week, we finally started our riding therapy for children with disabilities or traumatic pasts. The first session went smoothly, and the kids were smiling ear to ear!

The benefits of horse therapy for children with Cerebral Palsy like Peter pictured above are huge. Just by riding a simple walk, his abdominal muscles will get stronger and stronger. Children who are wheelchair bound evently gain strength to sit up and some even learn to walk with assistance. But most importantly, they have fun and gain confidence through riding. 

This is such a fun project. It requires a lot of work on our end keeping and training our horse to not be bothered by all of the people walking around her, the music, clapping, etc. plus getting enough people to lead the horse and walk along each side with the rider... and it requires a great deal of work from my friend Haley who hired a van, bought snacks, and convinced guardians and parents to bring their kids!

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