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Be Free

Kate and I have been given a vision to take the freeing message of Pure Christianity to every church in every part of the world. I know that when God gave me the four tenets of Pure Christianity it really set me free from the bondage of religion. To know that I can believe that 1) there is a God 2) I need redemption 3) Jesus provided my redemption and 4) God’s gift to me is eternal life, and not have to worry about any other doctrine or dogma is totally liberating. I do not know if you have ever sat down and just listed what you believe about God on a piece of paper, but you should. I know that when I did, my list became a tangled mess of strange and alien thoughts about God. That list of beliefs of mine was so confusing that I lost hope in ever being able to touch the real living God again. It was like a maze with no possible hope of a solution. Maybe you do not have this problem, I don’t know. Sometimes I feel like I am the only one who created a complicated religion full of doctrines and beliefs that could not possibly work. If I am in the minority, then I suppose that Pure Christianity will never gain popularity, but if I am not alone then I hope others will experience the emancipation that comes with adopting Pure Christianity.

Barbie Cubes

Our three children were ‘role’ playing with some small, toy people and a doll house the other day when I overheard our four year old daughter say, “Let’s go make some Barbie Cubes!”

Immediately I imagined pieces of chopped up Barbie neatly diced in perfect cubes. Fortunately my imagination kept it from being too graphic.

I think what Makena was trying to say was, “Let’s go make some Bar-B-Que!” as she paraded her toy person to the back yard of the doll house.

It’s too funny the things our children say when trying to portray grown ups, and often times as parents, we expect so much from our children that we forget how young our children’s minds really are. Hearing my child say things like Barbie Cubes instead of Bar-B-Que always keeps me in perspective of what my child really knows, understands, and can relate to. It reminds me that Makena is only capable of thinking like a four year old, and I shouldn’t expect more from her than what she is.


What is Important?

What is important? What has meaning in life? Why are we here on this rock circling a big star? I like to ask myself questions like these from time to time. It helps to get me thinking, especially thinking about what is important. It makes me wonder just how important a good job, big house, and two cars are? I suppose it really depends on your perspective. To those of us that have been taught the American dream all our life, the job, house, and cars can seem so important. When we discover the lie in that, it is hard to adjust and think correctly. Like I said, it all depends on how you are looking at life. When we follow Christ, our perspective should begin to shift. Plasma televisions just lose their importance when you look at the world through the eyes of Jesus. Get becomes give. Hate becomes love. Neglect becomes caring. Jesus gave up His godhood to demonstrate His love for us. How are we exhibiting our love? The world is a big place, and often we feel that those people over there in that country should take care of themselves. After all, they created the mess, right? I agree to some degree, but how do you tell a ten year old boy living on the street, “Go take care of yourself. It’s not my fault you are living on the street.” How can I shut my eyes to the middle aged woman dying of AIDS? I cannot tell a pastor who has never ever been in a bank, “Go manage your money better.” I must do something, and I think we all must. Doctrines, politics, and your morality have nothing to do with it. Next time you go to a 7-11 try not to think about nine eleven. Next time you find yourself in Best Buy (and if you are like me that can be often) and you are looking at the 700 inch plasma TV, try thinking of orphans in Africa. Jesus did not blame our condition on us and stick to His own. He gave up his comfortable job, house, and cars for you and me. Let’s see if we can find out what is important in life.