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Childhood Stories

I hope that you don’t get tired of hearing tales about our children. Having 3 young ones gives me plenty of things to talk about! Our youngest daughter gives us the most interesting ‘blog material’ mostly because of her age and also because of her character. Butterfly really enjoys making people laugh. At the ripe old age of 27 months, she is always cracking us up with her profound humor and wit. This morning Butterfly picked out a pretty pink gingham dress to wear to church. I approved her choice, got her dress on, and braided her baby fine hair. I sat her in her high chair and began putting on her pretty pink socks with the white lacey ruffle to match her pink dress. As I proceed to slip the first sock on her foot she looks at me and says with complete sincerity, “These pink socks make my toes tasty.” I said to her, “They make your toes tasty?” “Yep!” Then with the limberness that all 2 year olds seem to have, she put her toes in her mouth and ate them with a yum yum yum sound like Cookie Monster from Sesame Street! I thought her little mind and attitude was absolutely hilarious, but just minutes later she gave us another joyful moment. As we walk out the back door to head off for church, we find Butterfly already outside. Her pint size 2 year old body, baby fat, and little braids would make you think she is too young to know how to even say a few words, but there she is in her cute pink dress and tiny kitty shoes pointing her finger at the dog giving him a serious lecture. “Now, Bilbo,” she says firmly, “I told you, I don’t want you jumping on Gladys, ok? Now be a good boy.” For a moment she reminds me of Shirley Temple-- so mature for her age. She really brings joy to those around her. ~Kate

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