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Mission Update

We wanted to bring you a brief update on the Back2Kenya mission project. Something you must understand about Africa is that things go much slower here then in the States. We Americans are used to a fast paced lifestyle. We have fast food, microwaves, instant everything, but in Kenya almost nothing happens quickly. We knew from the start that we would spend the first year building contacts and relationships. That is what we are doing. Every week we meet pastors and leaders and teach/inspire them to reach out to those who need help. Look for us on Sundays and you will find us preaching about the first church and how they meet each other’s needs. We also have other projects in the works. We would like to use chickens to help feed the hungry. A small chicken farm is a renewable resource that a church could use to help feed hungry kids. We are still working out the management issues and we need about $500.00 to start the project. We plan on visiting a local orphanage to see if there is some way we can encourage or otherwise love the kids there. Transportation continues to be an issue for us as we do not have our own vehicle to use. Right now we are using public means without much problem. The times we have problems with the public means is when we want to reach rural or out of the way areas. For around $10,000 we can buy a good used 4-wheel drive vehicle. God continues to open doors for us in all kinds of churches, and we are even seeing responses to our message. Several churches have implemented the message of meeting each others needs. It is exciting to see what is happening. We have a major project in the works for the future that we are planning now. Please pray for God to continue to give us guidance.

If you would like to know more email us or write to us at: Johnny and Kate Brooks P.O. Box 1113 Groves, TX 77619-1113 Also if you would like to send money you can send it to Johnny and Kate Brooks at the above address. A friend on States side banks all the money for us, so 100% goes to the project. Any gift you give is tax deductible. If you would like to send a care package you can send it to: Johnny Brooks P.O. Box 15260 Nakuru 20100 Kenya. Remember we have a seven year old boy, four year old girl, and a two year old girl.

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