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Life of a Pastor

I have been doing so many things these past few weeks to help out people here in Kenya, and most of them I cannot share with you. I take people's privacy and trust seriously. Many people here in Kenya tell me that they do not go to their pastor's with their problems because they will end up as next weeks sermon. I just cannot understand that. If someone comes to me with a major issue in their lives, I do not preach about it, blog about it, or gossip about it.

I just wanted to let you people know that I can't tell you every good thing that happens. Though I am tempted to inorder to help raise money, but I just can't.

Food You Know Nothing About

Jesus was in Samaria when he told his disciples, “I have food to eat you know nothing about.” The disciples did not understand what he was talking about. They wondered, “Who could have brought him food?” Jesus answered them by saying, “The food that keeps me going is that I do the will of the One who sent me, finishing the work he started.” Now of course we know he was not speaking of natural food, but instead of a spiritual contentment that came from knowing he was doing the will of God. My wife and I lived in Kenya in the year 1997 working with a Kenyan church. We left at the end of that year and stayed in the U.S.A. till the year 2005. I knew that God wanted me to be back in Kenya, but for 8 years I ran from that calling. During that time period I never knew spiritual contentment. I was always searching for what God wanted me to do but never finding. Honestly I was aware of what He wanted me to do, but I was scared. To move to Africa is no easy undertaking. The first time we were here our church paid us to be here, but this time I no longer felt comfortable with my church. I was afraid that I could not raise enough money to survive in Kenya, and I was comfortable with my American lifestyle. It was not until we landed in Nairobi in January 2005 that I understood John chapter 4 verse 34. Jesus told his disciples that he was fed by doing the will of God. When I stepped off that British Airways jet I immediately felt full. I was full of the will of God, and no longer needed to search for food. Many of us are hunting for spiritual food in our lives to satisfy some deep primordial desire for communion with the Creator. Just look at the proliferation of movies, books, songs, and conversations related to the spiritual. All I can say is that you will no longer need to search when you start doing the will of God. What is the will of God for you? I do not know, only you and God can answer that question. I do know that the answer can only be found with Him.

Get Real

We are gearing up to start a new series here at The Sitting Room titled Get Real! This will be three weeks were we focus on relationships and how to handle them as Christians. Many of us, myself included, never learned how to develop proper relationships with people in our lives. I used to often describe myself as being relationally retarded. Not being able to relate with people caused me to miss out on so many things and cool friends in my life. You know we are not born knowing how to make and keep friends we have to be taught. The people responsible for my education failed to teach me how to be friendly. I cannot do much about the school system or the way parents raise their children, but there is one place I can do something. I can teach relationships 101 in my church. We will speak on romance, family relationships, and spiritual relationships.

Easter Sunday

Just wanted to let everyone know that Easter Sunday service went really good. We finished our five week series on Jesus by asking why did he do what he did.

The Bible study in the evening went well. We talked about Jesus being the living water, and even had a good number of different types of drinks as a visual aid.

This week we have a planning meeting for the two upcoming seminars on women's health. We also are planning a relationship series to start in two weeks.

Satanic Seating

I heard a very interesting thing yesterday from one of the members of our church here in Nakuru Kenya. He was talking with someone in town and heard that we were worshipping the Devil at our church. He was taken aback somewhat and started to ask why this guy thought we were worshipping the Devil. The answer that he was given was so insane that when I heard it I just started to laugh. The logic that this gossiper used was, well just plain silly. He thought that we must be worshipping the Devil because we were using sofa sets in our church! In his mind sofas in church equaled the Devil. I laughed and remembered something I had read on the blogosphere. This pastor suffered some of the same, but he did not take it badly and therefore I am not either. This pastor wrote of some gossip going around about his church, and some of the rumors were just as crazy as equating sofas with the Devil. Well he found that many visitors were coming to his church just to see how bad it really was. So maybe people will come to our church to see our satanic seats.

Happy Easter

Happy Easter everyone!

I wanted to put this short note up before the weekend. It may be a few days before I can get back here and type a new article.

This Sunday we complete our 5 week series on Jesus with why did he do what he did? It should be great. We will let you know.

Again Happy Easter.

Peace Mission Tragedy

Yesterday a plane carrying a peace delegation crashed near Marsabit here in Kenya yesterday. They were on their way to try to put an end to inter-clan fighting and cattle rustling that have killed many people in the past year. The deceased included six members of parliament, an Anglican bishop, and police personnel. The President of Kenya has declared three days of mourning. The following are the persons that did not survive:

  1. Mirugi Kariuki
  2. Titus Ngoyoni
  3. Bonaya Godana
  4. Guracha Galgalo
  5. Abdi Sasura
  6. Abdullahi Adan
  7. William Waqo
  8. Thomas Chigamba
  9. G.M. Syanga
  10. John Ouma
  11. Peter King’ola
  12. David Macharia Njoroge
  13. Joseph Maina Mureithi
  14. Yusuf Guyo

We pray that the families will find the strength to face tomorrow in the wake of this tragedy.

What Did Jesus Do?

Yesterday we continued our series on Jesus by asking the question, "What Did Jesus Do?" We went through some qualities of Jesus and ultimately ended up asking another question. What is Jesus doing in your life now?

The turnout was good we had about 20 people there. So far up to this point we have not done any advertising or purposeful campaigns to get people to visit. I want to finish furnishing the building and making it a good place.

This Sunday, Easter, we will be asking the question why. Also coming up will be two meetings for the public related to women's health. I cannot remember the exact dates right now, my calender is in the office, but I will check when I get back home.

One more thing before I go this past Saturday our house was visited by two large baboons. It was crazy to see them there on the roof. I was unable to get a photo. When they saw us they took off.

Make some time for wasting

There is this song called Make Some Time for Wasting by Katie Todd Band that I like. It reminds me when things get too busy to just waste time. I know some people (like my wife) cannot imagine taking a couple hours and just doing something with no meaning or purpose. Some of us never stop what we are doing to do nothing. I try to include doing nothing into every day of my life. I am not always successful in that, but I find that I am more relaxed and ready to go when I take some few minutes and watch tv or play video games or just sit.