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Merry Christmas!

Merry Christmas everyone! The Brooks family is hoping that all of you have a good Christmas and New Years.

We will be taking a break from blogging till Jan 1st, so do not worry about not hearing from us this week.

The first week of January will be a reflection on 2006; our successes, our failures (Yes we are willing to admit them), where we have been, and then an outlook for 2007. You do not want to miss that week of blogging.

Merry Christmas.


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Five little Indians and one little American...

Yep, I taught the boys and girls at the VBS how to do a few 'square dance' steps. In the pictures a few of the boys are dancing to "Here We Go Looby Loo" and are doing an Alamand sp?.

The past three weeks have been so much fun and are now coming to a close. The last day for our Vacation Bible School for 'Mwindi' kids is December 24th.

Below is a photo of the 'Junior' kids doing their Bible Study work.


Techno Food?


These are what we ate for breakfast this morning. They don't taste like much nor do they look like much, but their name is interesting! These are called 'DotCom.'

Kenya is getting high tech!


Oh Christmas Tree!

We are moving up! Last year we didn't even have a 'tree'. This year, we have one which the kids have decorated with paper snowflakes and a few ornaments my mom sent in the mail.

I'm dedicating this tree to my precious late grandfather Hal Showalter who loved Christmas so much Picture_070_1 that he had our family celebrate the beloved holiday 3 times a year:  Half-Christmas in June, Practice Christmas after Thanksgiving, and Christmas on Christmas day. This tree brings back memories of him because he always improvised Christmas trees each year having my sister and I decorate almost every kind of plant imaginable for our extended family Christmas celebrations. He gave even the smallest of plants a chance to stand in the spotlight on Christmas morning. Thanks for the memories Grandfather!



My house smells fishy this morning! Have you ever cooked squid? The Korean lady I am helping gave me a big bag of frozen squid! I’ve never prepared calamari before, but since I didn’t have any other meat in the house, I took on the task of trying to make it taste like chicken! HA! I deep fried it, and the kids loved it! But the process of cleaning squid is messier than any thing I’ve ever done! I didn’t know exactly what to do, but since I like ‘dissecting’ things, it was fun. With the squid, I forgot to consider that they have INK inside!!! I got BLACK ink everywhere!! And since we didn’t have water in the house yesterday (it doesn’t come on weekends) my house now wreaks of smelly squid all over the kitchen! The kids had a great time seeing the squids’ beaks as I removed them and their really strange back bone (did you know they have one?) I didn’t until last night! It looks like a piece of clear plastic. So that was our adventure yesterday.




Well, I am in the last 3 weeks of pregnancy. Usually I would take this time to relax, prepare my mind and body for the upcoming 'D-day,' and focus on spending quality time with my kiddos before my attention will be shifted somewhat to the newborn. However, it seems as though my life has gotten busier than ever these past few weeks and will continue to be busy up until the baby's due date.

Last week and this week, I have been doing a kind of 'summer camp' for Hindu and Muslim Indian children living here in Kenya. (School is out for the month of December, and here in Kenya, it is hot so that is why I'm calling it a summer camp.) A friend of mine from Korea does this program every quarter when the kids are out of school. I started helping her with it last quarter, and this quarter, I've pretty much done the entire program because this Korean missionary has had to leave to Nairobi. So although it is her project, I'm getting the blessing of doing it! (I mean that in a good way). It's been great fun and also physically exhausting for me as well (I've gained my usual 55 extra pounds in this pregnancy so all the dancing and such is more difficult).

We have about 38 Indian children in attendance as well as my 3 little ones. We come together 4 days a week with fun songs, dancing, Bible study, Story time, games, and snacks. The ages of children range from 3 on up to 16 or so. We still have another week of 'fun' so please pray that God's rest fills me each night and that each day these beautiful Hindus and Muslim children see that God is real, and He loves them very much.


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breakfast for two

In the morning, Andrew found a really tiny lizard in the dining room running around on the floor as Picture_055 we ate breakfast at the table. He called his sisters to see it. As we all looked down at it… out of nowhere, the cat swooped down and chomped it in one bite! Gulp, the lizard was gone! All that remained was a tiny tail left wriggling on the ground! Boy, the kids got a kick out of that! They had mixed emotions. Excitement seeing ‘nature’ takes its course in an instant and yet sorrow for the poor baby lizard.

Butterfly (age 3) summed things up when she looked at me with excitement and said, "Mommy, Shamu just ate breakfast!"


Mercy Update

I wanted to update everyone on Mercy's condition, I mentioned her in the post about Nutrition Knowledge.

Her father, Ben, came by and told me she is doing better. After traveling around to all the hospitals and clinics in Nakuru they finally found a doctor who actually was able to help. The doctor prescribed some medicines and the swelling she had has gone done.

Thankfully she is doing better at the moment. I probed Ben more about Mercy's condition and learned that this situation of swelling belly and constipation has been going on since she was born. I do not know anything about these types of conditions or how to deal with them, so I told Ben as soon as we are able to I want to take Mercy to a good doctor. We can then learn if there is anything seriously wrong or maybe it really is all a nutrition related problem.

She eats ugali (corn and water), porridge (a mixture of 3 different kinds of flours), and milk. That is what she eats day in and day out, so I know it is contributing to her poor health.

I spoke with Ben about nutrition and about the need for him and his wife, Pauline, to learn more about it. Kate and I are considering trying something new with these guys. We are thinking of going with them to the market and helping them to purchase a variety of foods. We would assist with the increased expenses for awhile, currently they are looking for work so finances are tight. Our hope is that by helping them with the menu and purchasing of food we can demonstrate the power of proper nutrition. (I know, I know, Those of you who know me are wondering what exactly does Johnny know about nutrition. Just because I ignore it from time to time does not mean I know nothing about it.)

The good news is that little Mercy is feeling better.

12 Years Ago

I admit to being a little behind the times when it comes to instant messaging. It has been 12 years since I last sent someone an instant message. I just never saw the need to send an IM when I could send an email or use the phone.

Well all that has changed now. Johnny and Kate Brooks are now officially back in the IM'ing world!

I am not sure how to put this, but anyway my Yahoo login is back2kenya. So I guess that is what you need.

We spend a few hours a week online, and it may be at crazy times for most of you. This could just be another way for you to contact us, should you want to of course.