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"Fresh, unexpected thoughts will "pop" into your head. Steve calls these "flutter-bys" -- fleeting, almost imperceptible whispers of God's still, small voice flickering through your head."

That is from Steve Sjogren and Dave Ping's book Outflow, chapter (reading) 6. They sent me this book for free so I decided to read it. I am on the 6th chapter now and I can see why the book was free.

When I read that statement about flutter-bys I stopped and just looked at the book. I got a mental image of Steve Sjogren as a guy sitting in front of his computer wearing a white shirt with puffy sleeves and purple pants. I imagined a guy who combs his hair at least 4 times in the morning before leaving the bathroom. A soft nice easy going person. In other words a sissy. I ask the ladies who read this blog to not take that the wrong way. Sissy does not equal feminine, because woman can be just as tough as men. A sissy belongs neither to the man tribe nor the woman tribe. Sissies fall somewhere in between.

Come on where are the men in the world of Christendom? Where are the guys who shave their heads just so they will not have to comb them? Where are the guys who know how to drink beer and grunt? I cannot imagine a guy who uses the phrase "flutter-bys" as even knowing what a grunt is.

Take a look at our meetings, and be honest about it. The decor of most churches is geared towards the softer side of life. Flowers, carpets, and cute pastels. Most of the people that are featured on the platforms are nice, clean shaven, polite and well sissified guys. The music, don't get me started on the music, just listen to the words this Sunday and you will see how little it relates to a man.

I want all the real men to stand up for masculinity this week. Take back the church from the sissy leaders that we have been cursed with. Lets skip shaving this Sunday. Lets skip wearing suits with matching socks this Sunday. Those of you who lead worship how about you channel a little Axl this Sunday? Preachers how about you recognize that God created us male and female?

Who said you have to be a sissy to love God?

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