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Life Without Water


It's amazing how much we need and use water!

When we first moved into our current house in Nakuru, Kenya, we went an entire month without water. The kids were filthy. I was in the early weeks of pregnancy so the smell of the unflushed toilets made me 'unswallow' even more than usual. It was tough. We all got very sick, but we made it through.

You see, water is rationed here in Kenya. We don't get water every day, and on the days we do get water, it's only for a couple of hours. Sometimes there's no pressure, and the water doesn't even make it up to the kitchen sink. So we've installed a tank to catch the water when it comes. Then we have a small pump that pumps it up to a small tank in our attic. It then trickles down into the pipes throughout the house.

For 3 days this week, we didn't get any water. Our tank was dry. The kids were filthy. Johnny and I both reeked! The baby had black stuff between her fingers, and all of Nakuru was (and still is) as dusty as a dried up lake! There is so much dust blowing in our house that you can see our foot prints on the floor! We sweep daily. It's the dry season here in Kenya, and since there hasn't been any rain, the water is rationed. Fortunately, yesterday water came and filled up the tank! Yeah. We all took showers and are HAPPILY washing dishes and clothes!!

You don't know how important something is sometimes until you don't have it. The majority of Kenyans don't have running water in their homes. They have to search for water daily, carrying it from the source to their homes.


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