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Weather in Nakuru

Today has been overcast and cooler than the past few weeks have been. One of the things I love most about Nakuru is the steady, predictable, and mild weather.

Having lived in Southeast Texas for many years I got used to the weather making abrupt changes, sometimes daily. It could be a nice 75 degrees Fahrenheit one day, and you wake up in the morning to a temperature of 50. Rain, sunshine, gusty wind, and sleet can all occur on the same day. It is a must that you watch the weather reports, that away you know rather to pack a jacket, umbrella, or flotation device.

Here there is no need to watch the weather reports. It is always the same; During the rainy season you know it is around 70 to 75 degrees and it will rain. During the dry season you know it is 70 to 75 and it is not going to rain. I love the steady nature of the weather here.

Right now it is dry, and consequently dusty. Nakuru means dusty, and during these times of no rain you quickly realize that the town was aptly named.

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